Chalino Sanchez Death Date

Chalino Sanchez Death Date: May 16, 1992

  • Date of birth: August 30, 1960
  • Place of birth: Municipio de Culiacán, Culiacán, Mexico
  • Date of death: May 16, 1992 (aged 31)
  • Place of death: Culiacán, Mexico
  • Cause of death: Gunshot wounds (homicide)

When did Chalino Sanchez die?

When Did Chalino Sanchez Die

Chalino Sanchez, also known as Rosalino Sanchez or Chalino Sánchez Corrales, was a Mexican singer and songwriter who is widely credited with popularizing the narcocorrido genre of music. Chalino rose to fame in the early 1990s following the release of his album ‘En Vivo’ featuring live recordings of his songs. Chalino’s songs often touched upon themes of love and heartbreak as well as social issues such as drug trafficking and extreme poverty.

Unfortunately, Chalino’s life ended tragically when he was murdered on May 16th, 1992 in Culiacan, Mexico. Chalino had been receiving anonymous threats before his murder, which was believed to be a result of his involvement in the drug trafficking business. His death remains unsolved and no suspects have ever been identified in connection with the crime. His untimely death robbed Latin America of one of its brightest stars, leaving behind a legacy that continues to live on today.

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